Which A/C is Best for Me?

Aug 18 16

The weather’s been unpredictable this summer, but one thing’s for certain: we’ve had our fair share days over 25 degrees. Adding air conditioning is one of the most impactful home improvements you… Read More

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Why is Air Conditioner Maintenance Important?

May 16 16

You're probably aware air conditioners consume a large portion of the average monthly power bill. You're probably also aware routine and professional maintenance helps keep air conditioners running… Read More

Air conditioner maintenance Edmonton

Furnace and AC Troubleshooting Secrets

Apr 19 16

Many people ask us, "Can I troubleshoot before calling you for a service visit?" The answer is YES! There is no need to be afraid of your furnace or AC system. However, you need to be smart and safe… Read More

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Extend the Life of Your Heater and AC

Mar 24 16

Are you a homeowner tired of endless expenses and bills? Ward off unnecessary spending on heating and cooling by extending the life of your heater and air conditioner with these simple and quick tips. … Read More

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DIY Air Conditioner Prep

Mar 16 16

Don't let the warm weather sneak up on you. It's been unseasonably warm for Edmonton this year, and it's important to have your air conditioner prepped and ready to go for when the heat hits - whenever… Read More

Edmonton air conditioner

Operation Friendship Seniors Society

Mar 1 16

Clear Skies Heating and Air Conditioning loves being a part of the Edmonton community. Not only is Edmonton an incredibly friendly community to live in, but also innovative and inspirational. There are… Read More

Operation Friendship

Don't Forget These Safety Basics

Feb 17 16

Before you perform any kind of maintenance on your furnace, air conditioner, air cleaner or humidifier, consider these important safety precautions. Disconnect all electrical power to the unit before… Read More

Maintenance safety

4 Ways to Make Your Home Cozier

Feb 11 16

If you think your home is cozy now, just wait until you try these 4 incredibly simple tips to increase the cozy! Set your thermostat to 68°F when you’re at home and awake, and as low as 60°F when… Read More

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Don't Miss Out! Edmonton Renovation Show 2016

Jan 20 16

It's the perfect time to renew, refresh and restore your home - and you can do all your planning, budgeting and shopping at ONE event! Edmonton Renovation Show 2016 will be held at the Edmonton Expo… Read More

Edmonton Renovation Show 2016

The Easiest Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Jan 15 16

  Many homeowners don't realize how much energy seeps out of their house each day. According to experts, many homes — including new ones — act more like sieves than like sealed buildings. No one… Read More

Energy efficient home

Don't Hide From The Cold

Jan 5 16

First and foremost, thank to you all of the amazing customers who took part in our review campaign! We were so happy to see the positive feedback and thrilled to give back to our customers with Tim Hortons… Read More

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'Tis the Season to Give!

Dec 18 15

Happy Friday folks! We can't believe that Christmas is only 6 days away - time is flying!  In the spirit of the season, we would like to announce Tania Marie Shupenia as our Tim Hortons gift card winner… Read More

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Christmas Donations Update

Dec 14 15

All we can say is wow - what an incredible response to our request for Christmas donations! We can't thank our customers and community partners enough. Clear Skies HVAC professionals Joel and Dustin just… Read More

Clear Skies donations to Edmonton's Food Bank and 360 CHED Santa's Anonymous.

HVAC Professionals To The Rescue

Dec 11 15

Nicole Mackoway's Friday just got a little bit better - she's our third Tim Hortons gift card winner! HVAC professional Paul helped Nicole out on a service call, and as a result Nicole left us two glowing… Read More

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Collecting Christmas Donations

Dec 9 15

Christmas is fast approaching! Clear Skies is so grateful for the amazing community in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. It's such a pleasure to serve this community, and we truly couldn't ask for… Read More

Clear Skies collecting donations for Edmonton's Food Bank and Santa's Anonymous

Happy Monday! We have our second winner.

Dec 7 15

Who says Mondays have to be a drag? We're thrilled to announce our second Tim Hortons gift card winner, Linda Kyle. Thank you for coming to us with your heating and cooling needs Linda, and thank you… Read More

Tim Hortons coffee and cookies

We Have Our First Gift Card Winner!

Nov 27 15

Our first weekly draw for a $25 Tim Hortons gift card has come to a close and we would like to congratulate Elaine Simpson as our very first winner!  We would like to thank Elaine for her business and… Read More

5 DIY Tips to Save on Heating

Nov 16 15

The next time you feel a draft, try one of these simple DIY projects. They're easy, take minimal time, and best of all - cost next to nothing! So get busy and ensure your house will be warm and cozy this… Read More

Winter Furnace Inspections: Saving You Money & Keeping You Warm

Oct 26 15

Are you a homeowner who has been anxiously putting off furnace inspection due to fear of exorbitant costs? Fear no more! In reality, annual furnace inspections can save you thousands of dollars, keep… Read More

Furnace inspections and maintenance

Prepping Your Air Conditioner For Winter

Aug 26 15

As a Canadian company we understand that you probably don’t want to be thinking about Winter in August, but be cautioned, without the proper prepping of your AC before the cold hits you could potentially… Read More

air conditioner winter preparation

Is Your AC Ready for Summer?

May 13 15

Yes Summer is well on its way here (Finally!) and while you might be thinking up checklists for packing away for a summer vacation, you should also be thinking bout the summer checklist for your air conditioner.… Read More

Spring Has Sprung...Finally! How to Prepare Your Air Conditioning for the Upcoming Warm Weather

Mar 27 15

After a long winter your air conditioning unit needs a little TLC to get started for the year.  It is best to prep you air conditioning unit before the warm weather hits, as you want it to be in perfect… Read More

Clear Skies Air Conditioning

10 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

Feb 10 15

The cold, Canadian winter months are often a battle between your home and your wallet. Since we understand how important it is to stay warm, we’ve put together a list of tricks to help you keep cozy… Read More

Clear Skies Thermostat

Humidifiers for Your Alberta Home

Jan 30 15

As most Albertans know, our province is a fairly dry climate, and when we say fairly we mean in the winter it sometimes feels like we're living in a frozen desert!  Since you can’t change the weather… Read More

Clear Skies Humidifiers

How to Fix Your Furnace Pilot Light

Jan 14 15

When your heating pilot light goes out we understand that it can be an extremely stressful experience to have to relight it.  Rest assured that this is definitely a task you as a homeowner, or a renter… Read More

Clear Skies: how to fix your furnace pilot light

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