HRV Units

Heat recovery ventilator (HVR) systems are ideal for homes in cold climates, where excess moisture develops during the heating season. 

HRV units get rid of excess moisture and provide a continuous supply of fresh air without unpleasant drafts, resulting in increased comfort for home occupants.

Heat recovery ventilator systems are becoming more and more popular within new residential construction in Alberta. Given our cold climate, HRV units are an important investment for home owners.

Clear Skies Heating and Air Conditioning has experience installing a variety of heat recovery ventilator systems and brands, and can give you customized information and advice during a one-on-one consultation

Venmar Constructo 2.0 HRV UNIT

The number one choice for new residential construction in North America, the Venmar Constructo heat recovery ventilator offers improved indoor air quality at an affordable price. Constructo air exchangers offer effective heat recovery, proper ventilation flow and quiet operation at a value-conscious price. Ideal for larger homes, the CONSTRUCTO 2.0 improves indoor air quality and reduces excess humidity by bringing a steady flow of fresh outdoor air into the home.

Technical specifications

  • Rate of air flow (cfm)* (low/high): 117-189 cfm
  • Filter:  Washable foam
  • Diameter of inside port: 6’’ (15 cm)
  • Diameter of outside port: 6’’ (15 cm)
  • Type of recovery: HRV
  • Apparent sensible effectiveness at 0°C (32°F):  70% at 56 l/s (119 cfm)
  • Apparent sensible effectiveness at -25°C (-13°F): 80% at 37 l/s (78 cfm)
  • Total recovery efficiency (cooling) at 35°C(95°F):  Not tested
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Power:  240 watts
  • Amp.:  2.1 amperes
  • Dimension height:  16-1/2 in (42 cm)
  • Dimension width:  30-1/4 in (76.8 cm)
  • Dimension depth:  17-1/8 in (43.5 cm)
  • Weight (approx.):  67 lb (30.5 kg)
  • Wall control: Lite-Touch Constructo, Dehumidistat, Constructo (sold separately) or directly on unit

ERV/HRV Series Energy-Recovery Ventilator

  • Washable, electrostatic, panel-type air filters
  • Factory-balanced EBM™ external rotor motors with backward-curved blades
  • Energy-efficient, aluminum heat recovery ventilator and enthalpy energy recovery ventilator core are configured for efficient cross-flow ventilation
  • External, three-position rocker switch offers continuous ventilation
  • Optional remote controls provide easy operation
  • Activated carbon pre-filter helps removes lint helping to extend the life of the HEPA filter
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