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Is Air Conditioner Maintenance Important?

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Air Conditioner Maintenance is Important!

You’re probably aware that an air conditioner consumes a large portion of the average monthly power bill. You’re probably also aware routine and professional maintenance helps keep air conditioner running efficiently, and the cost of power bills down!

But did you know many health risks associated with poor air quality can be greatly reduced or eliminated with proper air conditioner system installation and maintenance? Air conditioners that aren’t properly looked after can cause issues for your health. They may aggravate a number of health issues including allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and more severe respiratory illnesses such as lung infections.


Air conditioners can be susceptible to bacteria, mould and mildew! This can manifest in two ways:

  1. Condensation: Condensation occurs when parts of an air conditioning system get cold, especially when the surrounding air is warm and humid.  If the humidity is low enough the water will quickly evaporate once the AC turns off.  If the humidity is too high, the water will persist and mould will develop.
  2. Natural collection of dust over time: Air conditioning systems tend to collect dust within air ducts and within the system itself.  Dust contains all kinds of organic material that mould breeds off – like pollen and dead skin cells.

It’s easy to keep your air conditioner clean and the air in your home healthy with regular cleaning and maintenance. Proper AC care can even help prevent mould from growing in in your house, where there might be excess moisture.

Learn about Clear Skies Shield Maintenance Program! It provides home owners with priority service, scheduled reminders, discounts, and much more! We are here to help you!

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