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Echelon HEAC 3000

Clear Skies Heating Edmonton Air Cleaners

Clear Skies Heating Edmonton Air Cleaners

  • MERV 16 efficiency rating — the highest achievable MERV rating is available with Echelon HEAC 3000, which stops particles down to 0.3 microns.
  • Captures 98% of particles down to the size of one micron without losing its effectiveness.
  • Permanently traps and kills captured bacteria and spores.
  • Service only once a year with no washing or vacuuming.
  • According to an independent lab test, the Echelon HEAC 3000 offers the best performance, serviceability, and HVAC resistance.
  • Close to 100% air cleaner effectiveness over a one-year period as compared to other electronic air cleaners, which drop off repeatedly throughout the year and require multiple servicings. The Echelon HEAC 3000 only requires maintenance once during the year — a simple five-minute process.

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